USDA Choice Beef from the Heart of Brahman Country

V8 Ranch Beef LLC is proudly raised by Rachel and Brandon Cutrer, Texas ranchers whose agricultural roots date back to the 1800's. The Cutrer family is proud to be the 7th and 8th generation to raise Brahman cattle, and work together every day towards providing the utmost care for cattle health, nutrition and quality. V8 Ranch Beef was created in 2018 as their way of sharing the ranching heritage of eight generations and a deeply-rooted love for sharing a safe and healthy protein choice with local families.

Our beef is processed in a USDA Certified facility, and is 100% USDA Choice Quality, hormone free, and is grass fed and grain finished.

Shipping throughout Texas and Louisiana is now available.

Beef is also available for pickup or delivery in Wharton county.

It's Grillin' Weather!

It's that time of year again! Dust off the grill, get out your favorite grillin' utensils... and don't forget to order your favorite cuts of V8 Beef!
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Health Benefits of Brahman Beef

Grass fed and grain finished, V8 Ranch Beef is hormone-free. Raised by Texas ranchers, you can be assured your family's beef is safe and healthy. Brahman beef is known as a great source of protein, but it's also rich in:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids essential to maintaining a healthy immune system
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Wharton County is Brahman Beef Country!

Wharton County is known worldwide as a hub for the highest quality in Brahman cattle ranching. In fact, our town square has a mural about Brahman cattle and the billboard welcoming you into the county says “Welcome to Brahman Country!” As ranchers, these cattle are our priority. We work the land and cattle to provide a safe, healthy, wholesome product.

Brahman Humps

The most famous characteristic of Brahman cattle, their hump, serves as more than just a visual gem. Brahman humps have become a delicacy in certain countries and is similar to preparing a brisket. Brahman humps are known for being:

  • A beef cut that’s great for roasting and smoking
  • Preparation similar to a brisket
  • The hump's hearty qualities along with its delicious flavor make it a truly valuable treasure. Since only one hump per steer is available, products are limited.
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Our V8 Steaks were a big hit tonight! The NY Strips were beautifully marbled, tender and tasted amazing! We'll definitely be back for more!"

– Ramona P.

"The ribeyes were excellent! Very tender and tasty. We only season with salt and pepper... that's all a good cut of beef needs. We will definitely be ordering again!"

Tommy U.

"Tonight we cooked one ribeye and one tenderloin on the grill. They were both delicious and had great flavor. And very tender! Just thought I would let you know."

– Lisa F.

"My husband said the ribeye has awesome flavor!! Thank you!"

– Ashley S.

"Love the V8 Beef! The thickness fo the cuts looks spot on!"

– Tammy L.

"We made carne guisada out of the cutlets... it was off the chain!!!"

– Leslie R.


The Cuts

Top quality brahman beef.

The V8 brand means something to people in our industry. Welcome to the family.

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